Bank Statements

In order to ensure that you will be able to afford any potential loan repayments whilst you grow your business, you are required to provide three months of consecutive bank statements for both your newly registered business and your personal bank account. These statements must be dated within the last three months and show transactions from the last 12 months.

Please note, we accept both scans of physical statements or PDF versions of official online statements, however we cannot accept screen shots of your online banking screen.

Bank account types we can accept:
• Personal current account
• Personal cash account
• Personal savings account

Your statements must:
• Be dated within the last three months
• Show transactions from within the last 12 months
• Be for a personal bank account and/or a business account
• Be for a bank account established in Ghana
• Include each statement in full.

What we need to see:
• Surname
• Date
• Address
• Full transactions of statement period
• Your bank’s letter head
• Every page of each statement