Proof of Address

In order to progress with your loan application, you are required to provide proof of your address. We accept a number of different document types that we can use to verify your address.

You only need to submit one form of proof from the list below.

Please note, we can only accept scanned copies of physical documents as proof of address. These documents must have been mailed or delivered to you at your current address. We cannot accept digital versions of documents, such as online bank statements or utility bills.

Approved documents
- Utility bill (e.g: Gas bill, Electricity buill, Water bill, Fixed line phone/internet bill)
- Government issued letter
- Property Tax letter
- Personal bank account statement

The bill must:
- Be dated within the last three months
- Have been received through the post at your current address
- Not be a copy of an online bill
- Not be a new account, update or confirmation letter

What we need to see:
- Name
- Address
- Issuer’s letter head
- Date

Personal bank statement
You can submit your bank statement as proof of address.

The statement must:
- Be dated within 3 months of beginning your GHStartups Loans application
- Contain transactions dated within the last 12 months
- Be for a personal Ghana bank account
- Be submitted in full, including all pages
- Not be a digital or online statement
- Not be a statement you have printed off at a branch of your bank
- Not be a letter regarding a new account, account status, change of account details, annual summary or a new PIN

What we need to see:
- Surname
- Address
- Date
- Bank’s letter head
- Full list of transactions for statement period
- Every page of your bank statement