Proof of an active bank account

In order to progress with your loan application you are required to provide proof of an active bank account. This account must be a personal account. A business bank account may also be required.

Please note, this must be a copy of a physical statement that you have received by post. We do not accept online statements or screenshots of your online bank account.

Bank account types we can accept:
- Personal current account
- Personal cash account
- Personal savings account

Your statement must:
- Be dated within the last three months
- Show transactions from within the last 12 months
- Be for a personal bank account, not a business account or temporary account
- Be for a bank account established in Ghana
- Be submitted in full, including all pages of the statement

What we need to see:
- Surname
- Date
- Address
- All transactions during the statement period
- Bank’s letter head
- Every page of the statement