Loan Requirements

If you’re starting a new business or have been trading for less than two years, then you’ve met the first criteria for securing a Startup Loan with us. Check out the other criteria below to make sure you’re eligible before applying.

To be eligible to apply for a Startup Loan, you must fit the following criteria:

✓ You’re 18 years of age or older

✓ You’re a current Ghana resident

✓ You’re starting a new business or have been trading for up to 24 months

✓ You’re unable to secure finance from other sources (self-declaration is enough)

✓ Your business is based in Ghana

✓ You have the right to work in Ghana

✓ Your business type and loan purpose is eligible under terms of service

✓ You pass our credit checks and you can afford to repay the loan

Prohibited Business Types
Most business types are eligible to be funded with a Start Up Loan, however we are not able to support the following business types:
X Weapons
X Chemical manufacture
X Pornography
X Drugs
X Illegal activities
X Banking and money transfer services
X Private investigators that do not hold the appropriate licence
X Gambling and betting activities
X Property investment
X Agents for third parties, where a third party earns the majority of the revenue or you would only be earning a commission (not to be confused with franchise businesses which are eligible to apply)
X Charities

Other exclusions may apply and GHStartups reserves the right to update this list at its discretion. See full list here.

Credit Check and Loan Assessment
During the application process, we will undertake a personal credit check with a Credit Reference Agency (CRA). We will also run a series of other checks with Fraud Prevention Agencies (FPAs) to validate both your personal information and bank account details. If you would like more information on how we use your information, please review our terms and conditions

.Our overall loan assessment will also take into account the strength and viability of your business, demonstrated through the Business Plan and Cash Flow Forecast you submit with your application.