• Business Registration
  • 1. How do I register my business?

    You can do it yourself or use our cost-effective business registration services.

  • Startup Loans
  • 1. What types of Funding for Startups are available?

    We directly provide funding for your startup or new business, including but not limited to: Debt Financing (Loans), Equity Financing (Venture Capital, Angel Investing, Classic Equity, Equity Variants), Business Grants, etc

  • 2. Is your Startup loan a grant?

    No. A grant is a non-repayable fund provided by an individual or an organisation for a particular purpose, whereas a Startup Loan must be repaid in full over an agreed term of one to five years

  • 3. How much can I borrow?

    Each individual can borrow between $100 and $500,000 (mostly disbursed in Ghana Cedis) at any one time. Please note if multiple business partners are each applying for a loan for the same business, a maximum of $1,000,000 may be lent that that business in its lifetime which may impact upon the amount you are personally able to borrow.

    Additionally, if you successfully apply for a Startup Loan then after you have made six full repayments you may be eligible to apply for additional finance for the same business in the form of a Topup Loan. Find out more about Topup Loans.

  • 4. What is the average loan amount requested?

    Our average loan size is between $500 and $10,000, but of course the final amount ultimately depends on the needs of individual, the type of business model and how you intend to use the money.

  • 5. Why do you charge interest on the loan?

    We are a DCANS Group-backed scheme so all interest is reinvested in the scheme, meaning even more individuals and businesses can benefit from this affordable finance and support. At a low rate of between 6%and 15% per annum, the interest is designed to be affordable compared to other mainstream lenders and the flexible loan term of one to five years gives our customers the ability to manage their monthly repayments in a way that makes most sense for them.

    Check out our Loan Calculator to figure out your potential monthly and total loan repayments.

  • 6. How long does it take to process loan applications?

    Typically 3-6 months but could be earlier or delayed depending on several factors.

  • Startup Equity Financing
  • 1. How does your startup equity financing work?

    We currently do not do a direct equity financing into startups in Ghana. We do that now only via a debt-equity swap.

  • Startup Grants
  • 1. How do I get a grant for my startup?

    Our Startup Grants are currently only available to existing users of this website with valid login details.

  • Startup Funding Alternatives
  • 1. What Funding Alternatives are available?

    Startups do not always need direct funding to survive and thrive, hence our list of alternatives to keep your business afloat: Buy Now Pay Later, Market Access, etc.

  • Serviced Offices
  • 1. Who qualifies to use your Serviced Offices?

    Currently only available to RGD-registered businesses who have login access on this website.

  • Registered Office Services
  • 1. Can I use your Registered Office for my business?

    For KYC and AML reasons, our Registered Office Addresses are currently only available to businesses that register their businesses through us, or businesses that registered via other means but have an existing login details for this website.

  • Legal & Accounting
  • 1. Do you provide help with company accounts?

    Yes, at a fee.

  • 2. Do you help with accounts filing?

    Yes, at a fee.

  • Web Services
  • 1. Are your hosting fees refundable?

    Hosting for Loan Purposes are non-refundable, but Standalone Hosting fees are refundable within our refund policy guidelines.

  • 2. Does your Web Hosting come with free domain name?


  • 3. What kind of hosting do you provide?

    Yes, at competitive prices with value for money top on our agenda.

  • Business Support Services
  • 1. What types of support do you provide businesses?

    We provide all the services your business needs to survive and thrive in the fast changing world. These include, but not limited to: Business Registrations, Bank Account Opening Introductions, Web Hosting, Web Design & Development, Direct Business Lending, Logistics, Licensing & Permit Assistance, etc.