Freebies for Startups?

When starting out, you definitely need a hand. We offer a tall list of freebies for startups on the African continent today.

Freebies are currently available to existing members or clients only.

Free Food
You get at least one free meal a day when you book any of our serviced or co-working spaces.

Free Internet
You pay nothing for internet when you book a serviced or co-working space with us.

Free Accommodation
You stand to get a minimum 7 days free shelter with some of our home rental packages.

Free Rides
Minimum of free 7 days commute when you book any of our transportation packages.

Interest-free Loans
Up to $25,000 in cash loans available at no interest.

Buy Now Pay Later
Buy a wide array of products and services from our store now and pay later at no interest and fees.

Business Grants
Up to $1,000 in free money for performing businesses ad instutitions with far-reaching impact.

Free Website
Zero design costs comes with some multiple-year hosting plans.

Free SEO & Website Analyzers
Check your website’s SEO problems for free, aside link analysis.

Free Legal Docs
Free legal docs for startup founders and investor.

Free Accounting
Free Invoice Generator.

Free Guides & Courses
Plenty to choose from at no cost to you.